It’s all about YOUR Liberation

LIFE REVIEW with New Perspectives

When it’s your divine time to leave the planet, will you feel peaceful and satisfied with your life? This very special 4+ hour session allows you to transform negative feelings into fresh New Perspectives and prepare for the next part of your journey. 

Presence: Be Here Now

Feel truly alive and enjoy a newfound sense of peace and well-being when you learn to quiet your mind. Everything becomes brighter and more alive when mental chatter subsides! Tony teaches meditation in group events and 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 

Reiki +

Receive healing Reiki energy plus a whole lot more, including personal Mentoring to ease and expand your mind, and personalized meditation training all in one 90-minute transformational session.

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Facilitating Your Liberation

Tony is a loving, supportive and highly skilled Mentor and Facilitator. He thrives on assisting others—like you!—to break free of limitations and experience true freedom. He is a lifetime learner of consciousness tools, and he uses these various techniques to help you become more of your true self.