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You can trust me to be completely supportive, non-judgmental and loving, and to maintain confidentiality. It is my honor to assist you in shedding limitations and becoming more of your True Self. —Tony


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ToneLove was a nickname I adopted at a group training event years ago. It’s sort of like “Tone Loc” the rap artist from the 1980s, but with a twist that suits me better! Tony Scarpelos is my name, but ToneLove is easier to pronounce, spell and remember. 🙂 

I’ve always been focused on Love. Sometimes, in my younger years, life was confusing because it turns out that not everyone is all about Love, at least on the surface (you can read more about my life below if you’re interested).

We all have our wounded places and unconscious sources of problems. Which is why I love this work! The tools I use, including QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) and Limiting Belief Elimination, make it possible to remove these obstacles in our consciousness so we can return to our True Selves. 

I’m passionate about helping people directly experience liberation. Liberation from what? From the limiting beliefs and energetic patterns of the human conscious mind and ego. These limitations come from our earlier childhood experiences in this lifetime, our experiences in other lifetimes, and our ancestors.

Beneath these limitations, we are all made of pure Love. We all come from Source. We are all part of the Godforce. My work is to help you return to your True Self and your true loving essence so you can be freer,  happier and healthier. I am compassionate and focused on using my skills, knowledge and heart power to make YOUR life better! 🙂 

ToneLove Level 2 QHHT
"Tony is the most loving and dedicated man I've ever known. He genuinely wants to do everything he can to help you. And help you he will! He has divine superpowers, coupled with massive integrity. You'll see."

Tony's studies & Major influences

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Level 1 and Level 2

  • Eckhart Tolle “Teaching Presence” Course + in depth study and practice of all Eckhart Tolle books and teachings

  • Belief Work: Lefkoe Method, Louise Hay, Bashar, Seth, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle

  • Working with Kundalini energy: years of dedicated practice with energy work techniques and coursework (Robert Bruce, and Raja Choudhury)

  • Reiki Tummo certification (Levels 1, 2, 3)

  • Monroe Institute consciousness exploration programs (Gateway Voyage, Guidelines, Lifeline, Exploration 27)

  • Channeling, self-taught and disciplined; teachings via Sanaya Roman, Bashar, Charlotte Tinker courses

  • In-depth study of Kurt LeLand’s “MultiDimensional Human” and “Otherwhere”

  • Out-of-Body or Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming: many years of self-discipline and exploration  (teachings by Nicholas Newport, Albert Taylor, Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Kurt LeLand)

  • Martial Arts “in-the-body” training and practice

  • Ken Keyes, Jr. interpersonal dynamics and relationship studies

  • Metaphysical Studies: the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts; Abraham, Bashar, Orin and DaBen, Neville Goddard, Florence Scovel Shinn, Emmet Fox, and countless others

  • Psychokinesis self-study and training (including spoon-bending workshop with Lael Belove, and inspiration from Trebor7)

  • Quite a few past lives dedicated to spiritual and metaphysical mastery and love-based service 🙂 

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(This is the story of my current physical lifetime, but of course we are all much more than our current personalities and physical bodies. We are infinite spirits having temporary human experiences!)

I grew up in Massachusetts in the 1970s. My Greek-American family ran a busy restaurant in downtown Boston, so many of my earliest memories involve sitting on a big sack of potatoes, waiting for my parents to get done working. Too young to work, I was placed in an area where I wouldn’t get in the way, and I amused myself with my vivid imagination, exploring other worlds within myself. 

I didn’t know it until much later in life, but I was different from a lot of kids my age. I was always good with people, as I loved them and enjoyed direct interaction. But when I went to school and they taught us to read, I was hopelessly left behind. I later realized that I had severe dyslexia. But in those days and in those schools, nobody knew much about it or paid any attention. I tried to cover up the fact that I didn’t understand what was going on. Somehow I made it through and eventually graduated.

While I stuggled academically, my parents were struggling financially. We had to move out of our beloved home and move in with my grandparents in the inner city. This was a blow to my abusive alcoholic father’s ego, and he took out his unhappiness on his family. Between the rough neighborhood and an abusive father, the only safe place to be was in my imagination. But it wasn’t just “imagination.” I had the ability to access worlds beyond the physical, which I’ve come to understand is part of the gift of dyslexia.

For years, I battled with strong addictive tendencies with everything from sugar and caffeine to cigarettes and the harder stuff. I was using substances to self-medicate and avoid feeling all those uncomfortable feelings and lack of self-love that stemmed from my childhood experience.

After doing a great deal of inner work and consciousness exploration, I re-discovered the Eckhart Tolle teachings and dove in deep. By employing his tools for inner body awareness and Presence meditation, I was able to finally break free of all these addictions. And now I use these tools daily to maintain my own state of being and to teach others how to experience Presence for themselves. (My experience with addiction also propelled me to learn about the power of Limiting Beliefs, which in turn led to the Belief-Busting Work I do to help other people break free of unwanted patterns.)

As harsh as that childhood experience was, there is a reason for everything. I chose these parents for my own growth. My mother was extremely loving, supportive and fun while my father was the exact opposite: a tortured soul who tortured others. In a self-channeling session, it was revealed to me (to my conscious mind, that is) that I chose my parents because they taught me the clarity of what Love is and isn’t. Who to be and who not to be.

I’ve had to do a lot of inner work with forgiveness and compassion, which helps me to be more effective as a practitioner and more loving and sovereign as a human being. During my own QHHT Session as a client, I was given a specific exercise by my higher self that really “sealed the deal” and provided peaceful closure. 

So, yes, I have been through some stuff, just as you have. Different stuff than yours perhaps, but all pointing at the same thing: we are here (re-)learning to be Love, to express Love and to Love ourselves. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) is a fantastic tool because it allows us to finally make sense of it all. We’re in the process of becoming more whole and shedding all the false ideas and beliefs and defenses and misunderstandings about who and what we are. This is the time and the place to do it. We are part of a big shift in human consciousness!

My last name is Scarpelos, which is related to the word “scar.” I think that these scars we carry can become our strengths because they allow us to feel greater compassion for the struggles of others. After witnessing and facilitating quite a few past life regressions, I can confidently say that we’ve all had many lifetimes where we play all these different parts in the dramas of human life. We’re all interconnected. 

My last name actually translates to “the chiseler.” My wife Debbianne has helped me to see the gifts in my life, pointing out that Michelangelo saw the angel in the block of stone and was merely freeing it by chiseling away the excess material surrounding it. That’s what we’re all doing really, and QHHT is a very effective way of making some big chiseling progress.


As a teenager I started working in the family restaurant in Boston. I enjoyed cooking for others, but the environment was incredibly stressful, especially with my alcoholic father barking orders at everyone. I enrolled in Johnson & Wales for culinary training but was called back home to the family business before I finished. My father was in the process of destroying both his self-built empire and every relationship he ever had. This was a blessing in disguise. In my mid-20s, with the family lineage reduced to nothing but debt and bad feelings, I was free to step onto my own path for the first time.

I had always been very good at doing celebrity impressions. My dyslexic mind went into fantastic realms and I “became” the character. My mother and sister were extremely supportive of my acting abilities, so I started taking professional acting classes and voice training lessons. Then I saved up enough money to move out to the West Coast. Hollywood! Where else does an aspiring actor go?

I was excited about this new life for a few years. I landed some roles in film and television, and even got my SAG card (Screen Actor’s Guild union membership). But something inside me wanted me to leave. Eventually, I did just that. I didn’t know why until much later.

Meanwhile, I had found a technique that helped me overcome the learning disability aspect of my dyslexia. (Otherwise, it is truly a gift to be dyslexic and it’s essential to my life’s mission. You can learn more about dyslexia by clicking here.)

With my newfound reading skills, I became a studying maniac, devouring self-help books and mystical and esoteric resources. My wife will attest to my intense studying methods—she makes fun of my well-worn favorite books that have huge amounts of highlighter, underlines, stars and notes in the margins. When I learn something, I go over it many, many times. I want to really learn it completely and not miss anything.

Leaving Hollywood, I turned to traveling sales work because it enabled me to work directly with people, which I love. Years went by and I increasingly spent any spare time I had learning more about consciousness. I was compelled to explore and know more. I studied and practiced going out-of-body to have expansive learning experiences in the astral realms. I was fascinated with knowing more about what and who we are, because obviously we are not just these physical human beings.

My quest for knowledge and experience eventually led me to The Monroe Institute and I enrolled in a number of their excellent consciousness exploration programs. That’s where I met my wife back in 2012. She’s into a lot of the same stuff—metaphysics, personal growth, using our minds to create the life we prefer (she writes humorous books about it and mentors people—you can check out her work here if you’re interested). She encouraged me to give acting another chance because it seemed like I had some unfinished business with Hollywood.

So back to L.A. it was. I created the “How to do Impressions” course and ebook in response to the popularity of my celebrity impressions videos, because people wanted to be able to do impressions themselves. Acting was never superficial to me. Doing an impression or impersonation of another person is like merging with that person, soul to soul, and that is part of what I was teaching. There is no room for judgmental attitudes in acting because you must be willing to embrace all sorts of people, characters, beliefs, actions and motives. Acting is not pretending to be someone else; it’s finding the sameness or connection between you and the character. And above all, where there is comedy, there is laughter, and that is very healing. 

At that time, my mother was becoming seriously ill. I flew back to Boston to be with her, and helped her find peace with the inevitability of dropping her physical body. I coached her to meditate and explained that she would be meeting with her beloved parents soon. She passed away peacefully.

I felt sad but also strangely free. I quickly realized that this dream of becoming an actor was really my mother’s dream for me, and not my own! I never really liked being in the industry because it was crammed with big egos, dishonesty, social veneer, and manipulation. I suddenly felt liberated from this “dream” that had become a burden, and ready to leave Hollywood for good. It was such a relief to give myself permission to move on, even though I didn’t yet know what I was moving on to. 

I immediately began channeling and doing energy healing work. I also had some powerful interactions with my mother from the other side. My wife was amazed at how quickly I became adept at these things. She concluded that it wasn’t just from reading books, but that I’d already practiced these esoteric arts in other lifetimes (this was later verified through channeling and QHHT). She was experiencing some very intense pain in her body, and I was able to eliminate it with hands-on energy healing. Often when I did the energy work, I would slip into a channeling state and my guides would perform the healing through my hands.

Over the next several years I continued to study and practice energy work, channeling, manifesting using the law of attraction, raising kundalini energy, psycho-kinesis (or telekinesis), presence meditation, and more. Intermittently, I was dealing with my own demons and doing a lot of inner work to heal the remaining remnants of childhood abuses. It all seemed to culminate and take shape in a single event: when Debbianne and I returned to the Monroe Institute to mark our 7 year anniversary together, I was spontaneously invited to give a presentation on psycho-kinesis.

Though I had the knowledge and experience needed to give the presentation, I froze. I felt like I was drowning. Literally I experienced the feeling of drowning. My wife, friends and program trainers helped me get through it and I gave the presentation, which was very well-received. This was a huge turning point in my life.

Before that, I had been studying quietly and occasionally demonstrating or teaching a friend or two. I didn’t realize I was afraid of “going public.” I did a channeling session (I do them for myself, and Debbianne asks questions of my Higher Self—it’s very much like what happens in a QHHT session). It was revealed that in another lifetime, I was a female “witch” who quietly practiced her magic… but one day decided to be outspoken. They drowned me and it was brutal. I will spare you the details. But remember, you have also died many times, and often by the hands of cruel humans. All of us have many experiences and that is all just part of this Earth life. We also have experiences where we are the cruel ones. We are all connected.

I was able to finally release the trauma I had been storing from that other lifetime—stuck energy that was virtually unknown to my conscious mind. I started feeling much more relaxed and free to express myself without fear. Finally, I could make use of all my years of study and share these gifts to help and teach others—beyond just my close circle of friends. I no longer felt paralyzed with fear of being attacked. This was huge. 

My conscious mind was made aware of all this, and my total self (subconscious and otherwise) was cleared of the past and brought up to date in the present moment. In this current lifetime and location on the planet, it is safe to participate in instant healing and manifesting. But if I hadn’t gone into that deep state of consciousness, this fear would still be plaguing me today, without my conscious mind really knowing what was going on. This is why techniques such as Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) are so powerful and so important. By going into these deep states of consciousness, we can clear away our blocks and get on with the Love and Lightwork we are here to be and do!

After giving that Psycho-Kinesis presentation at the Monroe Institute, QHHT suddenly showed up in my life. My wife and I already knew about Dolores Cannon for years, but her work seemed to pop back in to our lives out of the blue. Why is that? Because Higher Mind knew I was ready. It was time. I quickly enrolled in the training, devouring the course materials as I always do (LOL!). I passed my Level 1 examination (and will soon complete Level 2) and I continue to learn new and better ways to help clients relax and experience the deep states of consciousness that are conducive for healing and guidance. This is by far the most gratifying work I’ve ever done. It feels so natural to me, like I was born to do this. I am really on my true career path now, in alignment with my soul’s intention and life purpose (yay!).

These days, the veil between our physical reality and non-physical reality is thinner than ever. It is part of our evolution as humans to strengthen the connection between our conscious mind and higher mind, and integrate our whole self. Another way to say it is that the “little I” of your physical personality and ego, and the total “I Am” consciousness of your non-physical self are becoming merged. Ultimately, it results in feeling more peaceful, happy, healthy, and whole—knowing you are on the right path.

In addition to QHHT, I offer Belief-Busting sessions and workshops. After combining years of study and training from different sources, I devised a simple but powerful and effective way to identify, examine, and eliminate negative limiting beliefs. I love this work! This is the time in our human evolution for us to rid ourselves of old ideas about who and what we are. Belief-Busting is great because we get right to the heart of the matter, using the conscious mind. Hypnosis is not everyone’s thing, but positive change certainly is. Either way, I can help you experience  liberation using QHHT or Belief-Busting or a combination of the two.

Thank you for reading my story. I wanted to share everything with you so you’ll know that it is also safe for you to share your story with me. I’m honored to be in your life and to be able to use all these powerful tools to make your life better. 

Tony Scarpelos
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Coaching you to experience Presence (freedom from thinking) and Inner Body (or energy body) awareness

Channeling his Higher Self and Guides for healing and wisdom, and assisting you to do the same

Emitting healing energies from the heart and hand chakras

Helping you see the bigger picture of your circumstances

Mentoring you with regard to metaphysical experiences including lucid dreaming, astral travel, meditation, kundalini energy, and more

Assisting you in identifying and releasing limiting beliefs that no longer serve you



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