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The world needs you—the REAL you.

Become confident and unapologetic in sharing your gifts with the world and pursuing your goals and dreams.

Have you been squandering your life energy worrying about what other people think, procrastinating or self-sabotaging? Are you ready for change?

it's time to heal

Are you ready to stop being a "people pleaser"?

Would you like to silence that inner critic and those nagging self-defeating thoughts, once and for all?

Do you want to feel self-confident and move forward with your life?

Are you willing to let go of old negative patterns and say hello to a new expansive and more authentic way of living?

Is it time to put an end to self-sabotage and procrastination?

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When you eliminate limiting core beliefs from your consciousness, your outer life automatically changes. Relationships improve, career and job situations improve, and every aspect of your life gets an upgrade. You feel more empowered and free... more like your true self!

Question: How do you know if you have limiting beliefs?

ANSWER: Well, first of all, you're a human being! We all have Limiting Beliefs. But the important question is this: are your Beliefs causing problems in your life and limiting your true potential? Here is an easy way to find out.

Do you ever feel...

If you answered YES to any of those questions, Limiting Beliefs are definitely in effect.

But don't worry... we can fix this!

Unwanted recurring patterns are caused by limiting beliefs

The session lasts 2 hours but the results last a lifetime!

How you feel after saying goodbye to negative limiting core beliefs...

how to get rid of limiting beliefs


When you eliminate the need to please others, do things perfectly, or avoid mistakes, you are free to express and be your true self.


No longer held back by fear and feelings of inadequacy, it's time for you to expand to your fullest, share your gifts and shine brightly.


Enjoy a sense of spacious calm and quiet in your mind where there used to be unhelpful negative (false) thoughts about yourself.





Until you change your Beliefs, all those repetitive unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviors remain. That's because BELIEFS are so powerful, they actually form the blueprint of your reality.

The great news is that when you eliminate Negative Limiting Beliefs, you are actually recreating your sense of self. Your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and experiences automatically change for the better!

Sometimes… but it’s pretty challenging to do alone. Most people get bogged down IN the belief and are not able to find the necessary “observer” perspective to examine or even to identify the belief. Having a trained practitioner there to navigate the process and ask the key questions (that you probably wouldn’t think to ask of yourself) is a big part of getting results. 

Beliefs are actually a kind of non-physical “thing” or energy form. You might even say the belief has a “life of its own.” If that sounds bizarre, I invite you to read through the following list and just see if you have experienced any of these effects or “behaviors” that beliefs exhibit:

A Negative Belief, once embraced as “truth” and installed in your consciousness, serves to…
  • Convince you that it’s not a belief, but an objective indisputable outside truth of reality, reinforced through negative synchronicities.
  • Prevent you from seeing positive synchronicities.
  • Prevent you from finding the core belief by focusing you on secondary related beliefs.
  • Distract you from investigating your beliefs.
  • Convince you that no other belief is real or possible.
  • Convince you that positive beliefs are negative (for you) and that your negative beliefs are positive (for you).
  • Convince you to blame others and outside situations for your negative experience, so you won’t look at the belief, which is the real cause.
  • Convince you that it’s too difficult and that you will suffer and be worse off if you change your belief.
  • Convince you that you’ll feel less lonely if others reinforce the negative belief.
  • Convince you that it’s impossible to change.
  • Convince you to feel powerless to change by diminishing ability and amplifying fear.
  • Convince you that it’s in your best interest to imagine the worst outcome.
  • Convince you to believe that the end justifies the means.
  • Convince you that the negative belief has your best interest at heart.
  • Convince you to believe that the belief(s) are not doing any of these things.
  • Convince you to deny that negative beliefs exist within you.
  • Convince you to believe that you are the exception to the ability to change.
  • Convince you to feel comfortable with negativity.
  • Convince you to believe that no positive tools will work.
  • Convince you to distort and view positive information as negative.
  • Convince you to justify keeping the negative belief.

So if you haven’t been able to override negative beliefs so far, please don’t be hard on yourself. There is a lot of momentum behind the negative belief(s).

This is deep personal growth work. And I find that once you really see how you came to accept the belief originally, it becomes easier to release it for good. This Belief-Busting process is really amazing. Each person I work with gets an “aha!” and notices positive changes afterward. I love helping people to become more of their true selves!

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What exactly are LIMITING BELIEFS?

When you change your BELIEFS, you literally change your life. It's a powerful energetic shift!

"My session with Tony was amazing. I found a strength in me that was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I've carried that strength with me ever since. His gentleness and authentic nature bring ease to the process so you feel very safe sharing these emotional details about your life. His abilities are special. Working with him is truly a gift!"
"Thanks for the mystical tune up! Since our belief busting session I've been enjoying a profound sense of peace and grounding. Thanks for your insights and masterful use of the belief busting process to find and alleviate misconceptions from my childhood that have been holding me back from living to the fullest of my potential."
dave r
Dave Rhine
Retired traveler and photographer
"When Tony applied the belief work to himself, I couldn't help but notice the big positive changes that ensued in our personal life! This was the get-'er-done tool—the final puzzle piece—that he used to heal his childhood traumas once and for all, and become the person he was always meant to be. It really does work. Best of all, he's taken various teachings that he studied and combined them with his own fresh insights to build what I consider to be the ultimate belief-busting method. Ultimately, changing your beliefs is the most pivotal thing you can do to turbo-charge your manifesting powers."
"After working with Tony and dropping a number of beliefs (the most recent one was "change is difficult") my state of being has skyrocketed! Before, I kept going into doubt and pessimism about the future, but now I'm feeling really good, full of energy, springing into inspired action, and no longer procrastinating or worrying. I did some belief work on my own but got bogged down in it, so it was super important to have Tony's help as a practitioner. "
Blossom Stokes
Designer / Artist
"It's interesting to keep observing myself and noticing that there is more room. I'm feeling more relaxed and less triggered into unnecessary action and people pleasing behavior now. Thank you for a fantastic core belief dismantling session! Looking forward to next one."
"My session with Tony was both cathartic and enlightening. The insights from our conversation continued to unfold even days later."
Vickie V.
Musician, Psychic Astrologer and Writer
"After the belief session, I noticed that I'm no longer triple-checking everything at work! I just do it once and let it go. I'm not worried about it at all. I feel so chill now."
Jackie S.
Server and Bartender
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I will help you eliminate limiting beliefs!

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I’m Tony, a.k.a. ToneLove, and I help people identify and release false negative ideas about themselves and about life. It’s a powerful method that really works. I used it to eliminate my own Limiting Beliefs from childhood—beliefs that were causing problems in my current adult life—and I’ve never felt more clear, free, expansive and empowered. I’m excited to help you feel this way too.

Combining several major teachings, courses and studies to create this Belief-Busting method, I’ve also added in my own unique visual and kinesthetic (dyslexic) style. Clients love it! They leave the session transformed, no longer believing these negative false ideas about themselves.

It is truly a gift to be able to help people shed these unnecessary limitations and become more of their true selves. I’ll be honored if you choose to work with me, and I promise you will get tremendous value from our time together. Thank you for visiting my website and reading about Belief work! 

Unwanted recurring patterns are caused by limiting beliefs

The session lasts 2 hours but the results last a lifetime!

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs in a Group Workshop

Join us for Local Live Events in the Grand Junction, CO area!

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The video below contains excerpts from an actual Belief-Busting Session (back when Tony had long hair!). There are many other Limiting Beliefs to work on, so this particular one may or may not be relevant to you, but it gives you a feel for the liberation that occurs.

Work with Tony to Eliminate Negative Beliefs

  • Conducted in-person or online via Skype/Zoom.

  • We will focus on a pattern or an area of your life that you want to change.

  • We will identify the negative limiting core beliefs (beliefs about yourself) that are causing the problem. It is similar to a mini “life review” with a higher perspective—a very powerful and therapeutic experience.

  • We will eliminate 1 to 2 of those negative core beliefs.

  • The session lasts for approximately 90 minutes up to 2 hours.

  • Click here to book your session.

  • Tony will come to your organization or company and work with a group of members or employees to eliminate common negative limiting beliefs together.

  • Group Belief Elimination Sessions are extremely helpful for those who need to work together effectively or achieve shared goals.  

  • Tony has extensive experience with salespeople and sales teams. 

  • Please click here to inquire about rates and availability for your Group Belief-Busting Workshop event.

  • If you are local to the Grand Junction, Colorado area, click here to join the MeetUp group.

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