As you look back over your life...what do you see?

Likely you see a mixture of fond memories and proud achievements, but also “sticking points” that consume your energy and attention such as regrets, unresolved conflicts, sadness, grief, worries, anxiety, doubts, resentments, or even anger.

how to deal with regret

Celebrate your experiences.
Find the gifts and appreciation. Transform old stories into true empowerment.

So how would you ideally like to feel about your life?

Peaceful and calm

Forgiving and Forgiven

satisfied and confident

Missed opportunities and misunderstandings can drag your energy down. But these feelings and thoughts can be successfully unraveled and transformed in the presence of a caring skilled facilitator. 

Unresolved conflicts within yourself or with other people make it difficult for you to feel peaceful and satisfied about your life as a whole. Are you ready to review and resolve these things? 

reconcile and find peace

sadness & regret

Do you experience those nagging “shoulda, coulda, woulda” (but now it’s too late) thoughts? Do you feel like you never had a chance to truly express yourself? Does it seem like your life will lack a sense of completion if you transitioned tomorrow?

NEW PERSPECTIVES await that liberate you from the painful cycle of re-hashing those old stories about what happened or what didn’t happen. Lasting relief can be yours to enjoy.

Anger & resentment

Perhaps there is anger directed at other people, at situations and circumstances, even at God or at Life itself. During the LIFE REVIEW, we work through these issues to bring you to a NEW PERSPECTIVE that feels very different—lighter, freer, more empowering, and more true. Enjoy a return to your true self. 

worry & doubt

Do you question the value of your life and your contributions? Feeling fearful about the future? You are not alone. A LIFE REVIEW addresses these concerns in detail and, provides you with refreshing and empowering NEW PERSPECTIVES that stay with you, bolstering your confidence and self-esteem. 

A comprehensive LIFE REVIEW session with New Perspectives is a real game changer.

It’s not just “positive thinking.” Tony has powerful, effective tools and techniques that allow you to truly see around and beyond any limiting concepts you may be holding about yourself and your life. The transformation is real, and the good feeling and knowing lasts long after your session ends!

"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions."

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your Legacy: leaving your mark on this world

footprints in sand

Your contributions to this planet are actually important and far reaching, even if your mind may be telling you otherwise.

During the LIFE REVIEW, you gain access to New Perspectives about who and what you are, and about all that you’ve done in this lifetime that really has made a difference.

When it’s your divine time to leave, would you like to feel confident that you’ve led a life well lived? Would you like to feel a sense of contentedness, of completion, of satisfaction having made a contribution that mattered?

Is it important to make things right with yourself? Would now be a good time to do so?

Life Review

with New Perspectives

a unique 5-hour life changing experience


Hello! I’m Tony. When you work with me, you will feel completely supported, heard, seen, loved, listened to, and not judged. Love is what we’re all made of underneath life’s challenges. Helping you to reconnect more fully with your True Self and become liberated from negative patterns and old stories, self-talk, thoughts and feelings is my honor and my highest joy!


Old hurts, misunderstandings, grudges and more can all change quickly with New Perspectives. It doesn't matter if the other people involved have passed on, or if they don't want to reconcile with you. The power to change the situation resides within you, and Tony's helpful tools and loving guidance will facilitate your journey to forgiveness.

Enhanced Self-Esteem

Imagine knowing your value and appreciating yourself, feeling satisfied with your past and calmly anticipating a positive future.

Forgiveness for YOUrself

Do you wish certain people would forgive YOU for something that happened in the past? They don't actually need to be involved in order for you to experience the peace that comes from being forgiven. Do you need to forgive yourself? If you wish, the LIFE REVIEW can guide you to self-loving New Perspectives.

THE Really Big Questions

Sometimes you may feel angry at life in general, or angry with God, for the things that have transpired in your life. Newfound understanding of these issues happens during a LIFE REVIEW session, allowing you to feel peaceful and accepting.

Do you have questions? Please scroll down and read our F.A.Q.

a unique 5-hour life changing experience

Life Review Session

with New Perspectives

a unique 5-hour life-changing experience!


Feel better about your life

Frequently asked questions

The Life Review Session is a 4+ hour conversation and experience exploring all the important events and themes of your life so far. You will feel heard, accepted, loved and understood, and not judged. It is a comfortable, casual but also spiritually and psychologically deep and transformative.

When those “sticking points” come up, Tony has a number of amazing tools in his “consciousness toolbox” that guide you to New Perspectives—perspectives you haven’t had access to before. Embracing New Perspectives allows you to feel lighter, more peaceful and contented.

By reviewing your life with the guidance of a skilled, trained, supportive, loving facilitator, a tremendous healing occurs. Simply being allowed to express yourself and be truly heard, without judgment or other limitation, is a rare and priceless experience.

Tony’s guidance allows you to experience peace and satisfaction where there was negative feeling in the past. 

Reminiscence Therapy is similar to traditional talk therapy in which you have an opportunity to speak and be heard. It can be validating, but it’s not necessarily transformational.

The Life Review Session with Tony is a deep dive. It’s an interactive one-time event that takes place over the course of 4+ hours, and it’s something you’ll never forget. Your journey is forever altered… in a very good and empowering way. 

Tony facilitates your New Perspectives by incorporating his specialized training in identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, presence meditation techniques, and many other effective tools in his “consciousness toolbox.” 

If you believe in God, here is another way to view the Life Review process: in interrupting the mind’s old stories,  grudges, thoughts and beliefs, you draw closer to God and your own Divinity—in short, you become more of your true self again. 

That is completely fine. There’s no prying here. The questions Tony asks will open you up to what is important. You decide what to talk about and the process will work its magic.

Your 4+ hour Life Review Session with Tony is currently $299. Credit cards and cash are accepted, or we can send you an invoice to pay online.

Yes, absolutely! If you live outside the Parachute, Colorado area then your Life Review Session can take place via Zoom online. Video is definitely preferred over audio/telephone so that you and Tony can see one another.

The LIFE REVIEW, being quite long (4+ hours) naturally includes taking breaks and coming back online. Typically, there are 2 segments of 2 hours each, with a 20 minute “intermission” in between.

If you happen to live in the local Grand Valley area of Colorado or want to travel to it, your LIFE REVIEW can be done in-person, which is a wonderful experience and is very highly recommended. You can choose to come to Tony’s office in beautiful Battlement Mesa, CO or you can arrange for Tony to come to your home or other location for your comfort and convenience. Please inquire when you book your session. 

Tony’s office is located in beautiful Battlement Mesa, CO.

Tony is also available to conduct LIFE REVIEW sessions at your home or other location if you prefer, for your comfort or convenience. Depending on the distance, an extra fee may be needed to cover travel time and costs. Please inquire when you book your session. Thank you!

Yes, with a few ground rules to be followed by the other person/people. We need to make sure the focus is on YOU and that the other person is more of a witness than a major conversationalist.

Remember, you also have the option of having your session recorded (either audio or video) and you can choose to share the recording with others afterward. 

Yes, we do offer video recording as an optional add-on service. We can supply the entire session’s recording OR create a very special custom edited video, like a mini-documentary, to pass on and share with your loved ones!

Video services do cost extra because they require time and expertise. Tony’s wife, Debbie, does the video work for Tony’s clients. If you are interested, please inquire at the time of booking your session, and we will provide a quotation for completing your video project. 

Do you have a question that’s not answered here? Contact Us

Life Review Session

with New Perspectives

a unique 5-hour life-changing experience!


What people say about tony

"The experience with Tony was truly magical and amazing! The session was definitely worth it. It has helped me understand a little more of who I am. He shares great tools, and his analogies will completely destroy your old and unnecessary ways of thinking. It will change your life forever! Thank you Tony for your time and energy."
"Tony is amazing. He guides you so effortlessly and I'm very comfortable with him."
"Thanks for the mystical tune up! Since our session I've been enjoying a profound sense of peace and grounding. Thanks for your insights and masterful use of the belief busting process to find and alleviate misconceptions from my childhood that have been holding me back from living to the fullest of my potential."
Dave R.
Traveler and photographer
"My session with Tony was both cathartic and enlightening. The insights from our conversation continued to unfold even days later."
Vicky V.
"I felt so beautifully guided. He's great, and really called to this work."
"I was very relaxed because of the way that Tony led me. And the questions that he asked were very comforting. I felt very open and receptive. I had a very interesting past life experience, and gained a helpful perspective on my relationship with my body."
"Tony has a unique present moment connectedness that allowed me to feel at ease during the whole process. He sits in total non-judgment as he anchors presence into the space. I entered the session with confusion and several perceived limitations and left with clarity and a deeper understanding of my value in the universe. I highly recommend Tony as the facilitator in your healing process."
Blossom S.
"My session with Tony was amazing. I found a strength in me that was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I've carried that strength with me ever since. His gentleness and authentic nature bring ease to the process so you feel very safe sharing these emotional details about your life. His abilities are special. Working with him is truly a gift!"
"My experience with Tony was amazing. His guidance was instrumental in helping me bring forth past images and patterns that were blocking growth. Patterns of my lack of boundaries and self worth had been causing impingement on a physical and emotional growth level. Tony's calm and caring healing modalities led me to a deeper understanding and the unfolding of grace and peace within my self. Tony is a gifted healer. I left the session feeling more grounded and connected in my body."
Kathy S.