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What is Presence?

Presence is your natural core state of being. It’s peaceful and even blissful. But we tend to cover it over with oppressive thoughts. 

Presence is something you feel and perceive experientially, rather than intellectually. 

When you become fully Present, you get to see, feel and know very clearly—perhaps for the first time—that you are NOT your thoughts. You’re able to see through and beyond the haze of thoughts, words, ideas and symbols to experience the true Present moment that is already here. It’s a beautiful moment… or series of moments. It may only last for a fraction of a second at first, but that brief moment can be life changing.

Practicing being fully present brings increased vitality within the body, as well as a heightened perception of, and sharing in, the aliveness of life all around. Suddenly everything looks crisper, sounds clearer, feels cleaner and calmer. A deep state of inner peace can be felt when you come into pure Being. This is who we all are: pure consciousness!

The positive effects of practicing Presence on an ongoing basis are virtually endless. Even just a few seconds of pure Presence experience can shift you tremendously and ripple outward into all facets of your life. Relief from oppressive thoughts is incredibly therapeutic. You will come to recognize what Presence is as it becomes more and more familiar to you and a part of your everyday life.

We can always let go of unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs and return to the spacious present moment. I love to inspire and coach others to do this for themselves. 


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Here to Assist You

Tony Scarpelos is a Meditation Teacher, Mentor, and Reiki Practitioner specializing in helping clients achieve peace through energetic shifts and new perspectives.

Teaching Presence is one of my greatest satisfactions. When people who normally experience a non-stop busy mind can suddenly tap into that infinite field of pure presence, there is a brighter light in their eyes. I love to witness and assist in that because I feel very excited for them to have this beautiful experience.

I practice daily, challenging myself to hold the state of Presence for longer intervals. I have taken courses from Eckhart Tolle and continually look for tools and ways to convey this amazing experience to others.

In group events or personal 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions (in-person or via Skype, Zoom or telephone) I will guide you to experience Presence directly yourself, using various tools I have learned or created and put to use successfully for myself and others.

Yes, you really can stop thinking and experience peace and bliss! 

By the way, repetitive unhelpful thoughts (like the ones that criticize yourself) stem from unexamined limiting beliefs. I specialize in facilitating liberation from False Negative Limiting Beliefs (Learn more). I have found that when you eliminate the cause of these recurring negative thoughts, it becomes relatively easy to quiet the mind. 

Personal Meditation Lessons

are available with Tony via Skype, Zoom, telephone or in-person

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