We are all powerful creators because we’re all part of Source energy, or the Godforce. I love doing psychokinesis experiments, not because it makes a good party trick, but because of the State of Being that’s required to do it. I find it to be an excellent form of Presence Meditation. It also requires me to stay in my heartspace, which is where I prefer to be!

I’ve been studying Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, among others, for quite a while. It’s really helped me to just BE. To let go of the mind’s incessant chatter and just be present. That’s what we are, underneath it all: Presence. We exist. (As in “I am” with no limiting or descriptive words following it.) We are consciousness. We are not all the thoughts swirling around in our conscious logical minds.

So the term “mind over matter” may give the wrong idea when it comes to psychokinesis. The conscious mind forcing its will on the physical object has not been a successful psychokinesis method for me. It may work for some people, but my way is more quiet and heart-based.

What works for me is, by training the conscious mind to chill out, I allow myself to be fully Present and connect with the object. Everything has and is consciousness, and everyone and everything are connected, so it’s just a matter of recognizing and feeling that state of connectedness. 

There’s a lot more to be said about psycho-kinesis, and I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for reading.

(Photo above: during a spoon-bending workshop, I experienced a fully present loving state of consciousness, and the spoon softened and allowed me to bend it!)

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