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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

How will your life change if you can receive answers to your big-picture questions? What would you like to heal? Are you curious how past lives are related to your current lifetime and the people in it? Are you ready to expand into your True Self?

QHHT is a powerful method for receiving Healing and Guidance, developed by Dolores Cannon, the author of dozens of popular fascinating metaphysical books.

When was the last time someone spent 5 hours with you, focused entirely on your well-being and your concerns, questions and curiosities? 

QHHT is literally a life-changing, life-enhancing experience. It’s your dedicated Soul Spa!

Here’s what’s included:

  • An in-depth confidential personal interview and coaching session that is loving, supportive and non-judgmental

  • Relaxation and visualization techniques to experience and take with you to use on your own

  • Past Life regression(s) that shed light on your current life and relationships

  • Enlightening answers to your questions and healing energy from your higher self, soul, or sub-conscious mind

  • A caring post-session interview with Tony that helps you process and ground the experience you just had

  • An audio recording of your deep hypnosis experience to listen to later on and follow the advice given from your Higher Self

QHHT Sessions are done in-person only.
Tony sees clients in the Grand Junction area of western Colorado.

Occasionally, sessions are available in other locations. To inquire please Click here

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Physical Healing

Yes, instant healings do occur. It cannot be guaranteed, because it's up to you and your Higher Self as to whether complete healing is appropriate at this time, but it is definitely possible. Are you open to instant healing of the body?

Vocational & Life purpose guidance

The best psychic reading is information that comes from your own Higher Self, because it's specific to you and not filtered through another person's beliefs. QHHT is a form of channeling your own Higher Self.

Emotional & Relationship Healing

Would you like to transcend old patterns, release limiting beliefs, and become happy, peaceful and loving again? Past life regressions combined with the wisdom of your Higher Self (or subconscious mind) provide healing perspectives, energy and answers.

Spiritual and other questions

Is there something you've always been curious about? Are you looking for your next step in spiritual growth? Your Higher Self knows everything about you, including this lifetime and all the other lives you've had. QHHT helps you access the innate wisdom within your own consciousness.

Do you have questions? Click here to get in touch.

QHHT Sessions are done in-person only
in Grand Junction, Colorado

Occasionally, sessions are available in other locations. To inquire please Click here

How will your life change?

QHHT clients experience a wide variety of benefits, and each person gets what they need, What’s motivating you to do QHHT? 

Some benefits of QHHT that you might experience...




Examples of client questions that are answered during a QHHT Session:

  • What is my purpose?
  • Why am I here?
  • Am I on the right path?
  • What are my lessons?
  • Why do I have ___ (illness, discomfort or condition)?
  • Can this condition be healed now? What do I need to know or do?
  • Why did I experience ____?
  • Why have I always felt ___ about ___?
  • Which option is best for ___?
  • What’s the deal with my relationship with ___?
  • Did I have other lifetimes with ___?
  • I am in a new love relationship. Is this person the right one for me?
  • I have a difficult relationship with my sister (or ___). Why is this so and can it be resolved?
  • I really dislike my job and would like to quit and find a new one. What should I do?
  • How can I create more peace or balance or abundance in my life?
  • Many years ago, something strange happened to me (a dream, deja vu, vision, intuition, etc.) What was that about and why did it happen?
  • I have a lifelong interest in ___. Can I find out more about that?
  • Can I meet my spirit guides or guardian angels?
  • How can I strengthen my intuition or psychic abilities?

QHHT Sessions are done in-person only
in Grand Junction, Colorado

Occasionally, sessions are available in other locations. To inquire please Click here
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Hello! I’m Tony Scarpelos. “Tone Love” is my nickname. When you work with me, you will feel completely supported, heard, seen, loved, listened to, and not judged. Love is what we’re all made of underneath life’s challenges. Helping you to reconnect with your loving True Self and become liberated from unwanted patterns is my honor and my highest joy!

Frequently asked questions

QHHT = Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.
Developed by Dolores Cannon throughout 40+ years of her practice, QHHT is an amazingly powerful tool. QHHT clients have reported miraculous healings, newfound peacefulness, long-standing issues resolved (physical, social, emotional, spiritual) and profound answers to long-held questions.

QHHT is very different from regular hypnotherapy. With QHHT, you go deeper and we get answers from your Higher Self—or Inner Being or subconscious mind (choose your favorite term). Most clients will visit a past life (or possibly more than one) where scenes unfold that provide answers and healing.

It’s basically the ultimate psychic reading because the information and energy comes directly from your own higher guidance. But it’s also an in-depth soul pampering. Just the initial interview alone can be tremendously healing. 

Each session and each person is unique, so we cannot predict what will occur during your session, but it’s always a tremendously rewarding experience.

If you’d like to learn more about QHHT and Dolores Cannon’s work, please click here to visit their official website.

Dolores Cannon was a fascinating lady who wrote many books about human (and non-human) consciousness and the universe. Throughout her 40+ year career practice, she created and developed QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) as a means to heal her clients. Before exiting planet Earth, Dolores set up a training system to convey her knowledge to others. Her daughter, Julia Cannon, now spearheads the ongoing education.

If you’d like to learn more about QHHT and Dolores Cannon’s work, please click here to visit her official website.

QHHT is a deep dive. Your practitioner spends 4 to 5+ hours with you, and the session is designed to be a one-time experience.

With traditional hypnotherapy, you typically go back for multiple short sessions. Usually, the focus is on making suggestions to the subconscious mind.

QHHT is a conversation with your entire being. We ask and get answers from your Higher Self (or inner being, subconscious mind, oversoul… choose your favorite term for your larger non-physical consciousness or intelligence). Most clients will experience a past life (or possibly more than one) that provides answers and emotional healing. Often, physical healings take place during the session as well emotional and spiritual healings.

The deeper state of relaxation achieved during QHHT allows us to proceed with the cooperation and non-interference of the conscious mind, which typically operates in beta frequencies.

When you are under QHHT hypnosis, you are in the theta frequency range or what is known as the somnambulistic state. You already experience this state just before falling asleep and right after waking each day. So it is a natural state akin to channeling, but we typically do not spend a lot of time there. It’s a state of being that is conducive to true healing and wisdom beyond (yet integrated with) the physical Earth dimension.

Traditional hypnotherapy does not usually go this deeply into the theta state. But that’s where all the magic happens. QHHT is for those who are focused on personal spiritual growth, and it works best with those who already meditate or have experienced the quieting of the analytical mind. If you’d like to learn more about how to quiet your busy mind, please click here

Example: if you want to quit smoking, traditional hypnotherapy can help you by programming your mind to stop the cravings and the habit. With QHHT, we would ask and explore the patterns that cause you to want substances in the first place, and this would be just one topic among many that we address to improve your overall quality of life.

Any questions or problems you have—whether they are emotional, physical, social or spiritual—can be addressed during a QHHT session.

People experience a wide range of benefits. There is always emotional healing and “aha” moments. There can be instantaneous physical healing, newfound understanding and peace, deep transformation, and so much more. Each client feels lighter when they get up after a QHHT session because burdens have been lifted. Reconnecting with your higher self is incredibly therapeutic on all levels of your being.

Spend some time to focus and compile a list of questions you’d like answered. These can be questions about your life, your health, your relationships, your purpose, your vocation, or anything else. It’s important that you either print out or neatly hand write your questions and then bring that sheet of paper to the session with you.

”What is my purpose?”
”Why am I here?”
”What are my lessons?
”Why do I have this illness, discomfort or condition?”
”How can I heal this condition now?”
”What’s the deal with my relationship with so-and-so?”
”Why have I always felt _______ about ______”

You’ll find more examples when you scroll back up on this page.

Nothing can be done against your will. You are in control. That’s the good news and it’s also the challenging part for some people. If you truly want to do this and you give your full permission, it can happen.

However, if you are not familiar with meditation and the state of quieting the mind, a busy overactive mind can create an impediment to deep relaxation. So while the technique works well, it is ultimately up to you as to how deep you will go.

Often, healing and realizations occur during the in-depth interview or coaching conversation that precedes the hypnosis portion of the session. The hypnosis itself then becomes icing on the cake.

If you have a very busy analytical mind and do not readily relax or let go, it is highly recommended that you prepare for your session by engaging in meditation and/or other things that allow you to relax your mind and tune into spirit. Please click here for more information and simple tools for letting go of your mind’s thoughts.

You can also use specific affirmations (say them out loud several times a day and write them down as well). Examples: 

“It’s easy for me to relax my mind.”

“I am safe.”

“I trust my inner guidance.”

“I have clear and direct communication with my higher self.”

BONUS! (Coming Soon) A pre-session Meditation Audio will be provided to you after booking your session. This guided audio will help you to “pre-pave” your QHHT experience for success and allow you to become more accustomed to these deeper states of relaxation before your actual session. 

A 5+ hour Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Session with Tony is currently $303. Credit cards and cash are accepted.

No. QHHT is performed exclusively in-person, and for good reason! You are going to be in a very deep state of consciousness, and your practitioner needs to be right there with you to monitor, guide, nurture, and oversee the entire process. (Can you imagine being in a deep hypnotic state and having your internet connection dropped!?) 

Tony’s office is located in downtown Grand Junction, CO. More details will be provided to you upon booking.

Occasionally, sessions can be arranged at a location of your choice (like a “house call”), as long as it is a peaceful quiet, private space that is free from interruptions by other people or pets. To inquire, please click here.

No guests or pets are permitted at your QHHT session. The reason is that this is a very in-depth personal spiritual growth session. You need to be able to totally relax, free from other people’s energies, beliefs, intentions or distractions (even if they are very loving and well-intentioned). It’s YOUR time to connect with your own inner/Higher Self. This 5+ hour Soul Spa is all about YOU, so enjoy!

After your session, you can always choose to share your personal session audio recording with others.

Please arrange for pet care elsewhere. It is very distracting to have an animal present during a QHHT session.

If you have a service animal, please let us know and we will make accommodations.


You’ll be creating a list of questions that you want answered. This clarifies your intention and initiates a new dialogue between you and your higher self. Notice the signs! Pay close attention to your dreams between now and your appointment. The transformative work has already begun and the connection to your own inner wisdom is strengthened with your decision to embark on this QHHT adventure. 

Expect to relax, be truly heard and seen, accepted, validated, loved and supported, and definitely not judged. Expect to leave feeling lighter, happier, healthier and more connected to yourself and your world. The benefits continue to unfold and manifest weeks and months or even years later. 

The first part of your QHHT experience is an in-depth personal interview. I spend considerable time listening deeply to you so that I understand your list of questions. A lot of healing and shifting and “aha” moments take place during this portion of our time together, even before the actual hypnosis begins.

You have the ability to take breaks at any point. It’s important that you feel comfortable. There is water available and a restroom nearby. You’re encouraged to bring snacks to eat. I have pillows and blankets available for your comfort. 

I will guide you into relaxation using various tools and techniques. Expect to feel very peaceful and carefree. (Even imagining that right now can be therapeutic!)

When you’re deeply relaxed during the hypnosis portion of your session, I will go to bat for you and advocate on your behalf, ensuring that your important questions and issues are addressed.

During hypnosis, you’ll experience a state of ultimate relaxation. You will allow yourself to effortlessly embark on a fascinating journey through your consciousness—with me as your loving and capable tour guide. 🙂

You’ll be under hypnosis for a maximum of 2 hours. When you come back to full waking consciousness, we will talk again to help you process and ground the new energy and information.

From start to finish, your entire session typically lasts between 4 and 6 hours. 

I’ll send you the audio recording of your session. It is strongly recommended that you listen to the session audio at least once. There is a lot going on during these sessions and you may not be consciously able to remember it all. Listening to your session recording afterward is important as you process the new information, perspectives and energy and begin to incorporate positive changes into your life in response to the guidance you’ve received.

I love hearing from you afterward. Often the positive effects become more obvious as time goes by. So please keep me in the loop with your good news! 

Daily meditation practice is highly recommended, as it gets you in the habit of relaxing your conscious mind and allowing inner guidance to inspire you. Slow down, do some deep breathing, take a walk in nature, try to be in the Now and let go of bothersome thoughts, and enjoy your pets and loved ones… anything that helps you to relax your busy mind will be helpful.

I am currently working to create a special pre-session audio recording for you that helps you get ready for a great QHHT experience, so stay tuned for those soon. Meanwhile, you can click here to learn some simple but powerful methods of releasing thoughts and coming into the present moment.

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QHHT Sessions are done in-person only
in Grand Junction, CO.

Occasionally, sessions are available in other locations. To inquire please Click here

Real people who had QHHT sessions with Tony

"Tony's voice was so soothing. He brought me—quickly but smoothly—to a very deep level that helped me to access a lot of information and answers. It was just incredible and he was the perfect guide!"
"A lot of things have been happening. I feel like I'm in a rebirth and the session kicked it off. I also really appreciated the time Tony took to just talk with me before the hypnosis. That was healing in itself."
"The experience with Tony was truly magical and amazing! The QHHT session was definitely worth it, it has helped me understand a little more of who and why I am the way I am and how to become better or more true to myself. He shares great tools, especially his ideas on Presence, and his analogies will completely destroy your old and unnecessary ways of thinking! It will change your life forever! Thank you Tony for your time and energy."
"That was the most relaxed I felt in a long time. I was laying very comfortably for 2 hours in a position I usually can't lay in. I stood up straight after the session—something I don't normally do—and I am moving really well!"
Michael G
Michael Garavuso
Monterey, CA
"Tony has a unique present moment connectedness that allowed me to feel at ease during the whole process. He sits in total non-judgment as he anchors presence into the space. These qualities are extremely important in a healer, as they eliminate negativity and personal agenda. I knew about QHHT before my session but didn’t realize what a profound healing modality it is, until my experience with it. QHHT has made positive changes to old neural programming and cellular memory in my body. I was aware of physical and mental shifts taking place immediately and within several weeks following the session. I continue to notice the benefits daily. I entered the session with confusion and several perceived limitations and left with clarity and a deeper understanding of my value in the universe. I highly recommend QHHT and Tony as the facilitator in your healing process."
Blossom S.
Artist / Designer
"I was very relaxed because of the way that Tony led me. And the questions that he asked were very comforting. I felt very open and receptive. I had a very interesting past life experience, and gained a helpful perspective on my relationship with my body."
"Tony is amazing. He guides you so effortlessly and I'm very comfortable with him. I recommend QHHT to everybody. It's the "Reader's Digest" shortcut to healing! Just come in, relax, and trust because there's nothing to fear."
"Allowing yourself to be seen and validated. Tony's voice is so amazing, it kept me centered and gave me permission to explore without being afraid. He embodies the confidence and safety that's essential to this process. I felt so beautifully held and guided, and never felt confused or lost. Even when it became very emotional, there was always that voice that brought me back. He's great, and really called to this work. I feel super privileged to have someone with this kind of stature for my first experience with QHHT."
"My experience with Tony was amazing. His guidance was instrumental in helping me bring forth past images and patterns that were blocking growth. Patterns of my lack of boundaries and self worth had been causing impingement on a physical and emotional growth level. Tony's calm and caring healing modalities led me to a deeper understanding and the unfolding of grace and peace within my self. Tony is a gifted healer. I left the session feeling more grounded and connected in my body."
Kathy Maria Shrader

QHHT Sessions are done in-person only
in Grand Junction, CO.

Occasionally, sessions are available in other locations. To inquire please Click here

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