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What is Reiki?

Energy Work or Energy Healing

Energy! The universe is made of it, and so are we. Everything is energy. Reiki is a form of divine, loving, healing energy that is channeled through the practitioner’s hands to you for your benefit.

The energy goes where it is needed most. Each person who receives Reiki energy may experience it in different ways, as it works on a number of levels:





Do you have questions? Please scroll down and read our Frequently Asked Questions and answers.

Clients who experience Reiki energy always report beneficial experiences and often they are thrilled with what happens.

It’s best to keep an open mind and allow God (or your higher self/angels/creator/source/the universe) to decide the best type of healing result for you at this time. If possible, let go of any specific expectations but retain a generally positive expectation while focusing your mind on gratitude for the healing shift that is about to take place.


What is Reiki PLUS?

In addition to receiving Reiki healing energy, the PLUS in your Reiki+ Session with Tony provides you with invaluable Personal Mentoring.

Each session is a little bit different, because it’s customized for you and your current situation. Tony likes to spend time with each client in a dedicated way: listening, coaching, helping, healing, teaching, training and mentoring. It is a complete “tune up” for your mind, body and spirit.

The session typically lasts for 1 hour (in some cases, more time is needed so please allow up to 90 minutes in your schedule).


Mentoring covers a wide variety of topics and situations that you may be dealing with. Tony listens lovingly and non-judgmentally, and asks you key questions that expand your mindset into new perspectives. That expanded thinking can be literally life-changing and always leaves you feeling lighter, freer, more compassionate and open to new possibilities. 


Learning to quiet your busy mind has tremendous benefits for your health and well-being. Tony teaches simple but powerful techniques for relaxation that really make a difference. By taking a few moments to relax first, your receptivity to the Reiki energy is heightened. Bliss often results! 


Sometimes during a Reiki+ session, if the timing is right and the client is wanting to learn more, Tony provides instruction in doing self-energy work. There are a variety of simple but powerful techniques that you can begin to use on your own, if desired. You might even become a healing facilitator for others!

"All healing is first a healing of the heart."

—Carl Townsend

Reiki +

a transformational experience

Reiki+ Sessions take place either in-person at Tony’s office in beautiful Battlement Mesa, CO or online via Zoom. Occasionally, Tony travels to the client’s location (please inquire). We accept credit card or cash for in-person sessions. Online sessions are pre-paid via PayPal.

Your 60-minute REIKI+ session is only $75

Tony profile pic

Hello! I’m Tony. My nickname is “Tone Love.” When you work with me, you will feel completely supported, heard, seen, loved, listened to, and not judged. I’m honored to be able to use the gift of Reiki to help you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Frequently asked questions

healing hands

Literally anything in your life could be improved with energy healing. The energy is loving and “wise” and makes its way where it is most needed and where receptivity is greatest. This could be on the physical level, or the emotional, mental or spiritual levels of your being. Most clients come in for help with a specific issue, but the way in which healing occurs may sometimes be surprising (in a good way). It’s best to remain open-minded and to be in a receptive and grateful state of being. 

Reiki has different results for different people at different times. If a person is open and receptive to the energy, that is what matters the most. During a Reiki+ session, the energy is definitely flowing! How it manifests in the client depends on a wide variety of factors. For best results, it is ideal to have an open-minded approach and to fill your mind with receptivity and gratitude. 

That’s no problem at all. You don’t need to discuss anything personal. It’s very important for you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Only share whatever you are comfortable sharing. The process will run its course no matter what, and bring you noticeable benefits. 

A 90-minute Reiki+ Session with Tony is currently $100. Credit cards and cash are accepted. OCTOBER SPECIAL! only $50

Yes, online sessions are conducted via Zoom. Video is preferred over phone, so you and Tony can see one another. If you live in the local Grand Valley, Colorado area, in-person sessions are preferred. If you have extenuating circumstances and cannot travel to his office, it may be possible to arrange a “house call” Reiki+ session. Please inquire here.

Tony’s office is located in beautiful Battlement Mesa, Colorado: 73 Sipprelle Drive, Suite J4.

If you have extenuating circumstances and cannot travel to Tony’s office, he may be able to come to your location. Please inquire here.

Sure… as long as the person is completely supportive to you. We don’t want to create distraction or take the focus away from you as the client. We want the session to be all about you, your healing, your empowerment, your clarity, your energy.

Animals do love Reiki energy! If your pet will not be a distraction, but will allow you to feel more comfortable, then yes.

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a transformational experience

Your 60-minute REIKI+ Session is only $75

What people say about tony

"Tony is amazing. He guides you so effortlessly and I'm very comfortable with him."
"Thanks for the mystical tune up! Since our session I've been enjoying a profound sense of peace and grounding."
dave r
Dave R.
Retired traveler and photographer
"My session with Tony was both cathartic and enlightening. The insights from our conversation continued to unfold even days later."
Vicky V.
"My experience with Tony was amazing. His guidance was instrumental in helping me bring forth past images and patterns that were blocking growth. Patterns of my lack of boundaries and self worth had been causing impingement on a physical and emotional growth level. Tony's calm and caring healing modalities led me to a deeper understanding and the unfolding of grace and peace within my self. Tony is a gifted healer. I left the session feeling more grounded and connected in my body."
Kathy Maria Shrader
"I was very relaxed because of the way that Tony led me. And the questions that he asked were very comforting. I felt very open and receptive. I gained a helpful perspective on my relationship with my body.
"Tony has a unique present moment connectedness that allowed me to feel at ease during the whole process. He sits in total non-judgment as he anchors presence into the space. I entered the session with confusion and several perceived limitations and left with clarity and a deeper understanding of my value in the universe. I highly recommend Tony as the facilitator in your healing process."
Blossom S.
"My session with Tony was amazing. I found a strength in me that was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I've carried that strength with me ever since. His gentleness and authentic nature bring ease to the process so you feel very safe sharing these emotional details about your life. His abilities are special. Working with him is truly a gift!"
"I felt so beautifully guided. He's great, and really called to this work."
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