Work with Tony

belief-busting session services

Pattern-Changing Session

This 90-minute session gets to the root cause of unwanted patterns such as: 

  • People-pleasing behavior (putting others first and denying your own needs); fear, anxiety and need for approval; conflict avoidance. 
  • Procrastination, self-sabotage, perfectionism; fear, anxiety and stuckness.
  • Fear of rejection; feeling not good enough, social anxiety.

Enjoy freedom from very old life patterns and the negative recurring thoughts, feelings and behaviors they have created!

Become more of your true self so you can be happy and share your gifts with the world

Pattern-Changing Sessions are approximately 90 minutes in duration and can be done either in-person or online via Zoom.


healing hands too

Reiki PLUS Session

Personal Mentoring PLUS Reiki Healing

Tony uses his extensive training and experience to allow healing transformative Reiki energy to flow where it’s needed.

Healing (or quantum shifting) occurs on many levels of your being—the light body or energy body, the emotional body, the mental body and the physical body.

Reiki+ includes Personal Mentoring and meditation training. Each session is customized to the client’s needs.

Reiki+ Sessions are conducted in-person at Tony’s office or online via Zoom. Occasionally, Tony is able to travel to the client’s location (please inquire).

A Reiki PLUS Session usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes.


Feel better about your life

Life Review with New Perspectives

Your dedicated “soul spa”

  • In-depth personal interview that draws out all the important events, themes and experiences in your life
  • New Perspectives that allow you to replace negative perceptions and feelings with peace, acceptance and confidence to move forward
  • Learn simple but powerful methods to quiet the mind, enhance relaxation and aliveness, and shift perspectives
  • Transform regret, blame, guilt, and sadness into a higher level of consciousness
  • Recording (audio or video) of your Life Review is available. 

LIFE REVIEW sessions are conducted either remotely/online or in-person at Tony’s office or at your home or location of choice. The duration is approximately 5 hours with breaks.


helping hand - mentoring

Personal Mentoring

Personalized Guidance for any combination of the following topics, both metaphysical and practical:

  • Working toward forgiveness in your relationships
  • Quieting the mind and experiencing a state of pure Presence
  • Applying spiritual principles to everyday life and relationships
  • Working with your energy and experiencing your inner energy body
  • Help with steering clear of addictive substances after quitting 
  • Contacting your spirit guides or Higher Self
  • Learning to channel
  • Psycho-kinesis or telekinesis
  • Dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, astral travel and out-of-body exploration—making sense of your experiences and making the most of your abilities for personal growth
  • Follow-up shorter session for personal assistance, if you feel the need, after having a longer session such as a comprehensive Life Review. 

Mentoring Sessions are approximately 90 minutes in duration and can be done either in-person or via Zoom or telephone.