People-Pleasing has a definite root cause

It started with your personal experience early in life. The pattern lives on in your subconscious mind and is continually re-created and activated, as long as it remains sub-conscious (or below conscious awareness).

However, once the subconscious pattern is brought into the light of day so you can consciously examine it, big changes occur. Exposing and truly understanding the root cause is the key to changing this pattern for good.

Likely, you are aware that you are a people pleaser (or you wouldn't be here reading this, right?). It's also likely that you've been struggling with it and wanting to change for a while. The pattern is very resistant to change because it's rooted in your subconscious mind. If you try to change with sheer willpower, to force yourself to behave differently, you are likely to experience a backlash. The real solution is to fully examine the subconscious programming behind the pattern. After you do that, it's much easier to change by conscious choice!

In a Pattern Changing Session, we use a very specific and powerful process to identify and truly understand the root cause of the people-pleasing, and this revelation sets you on a brand new path of more self-loving, balanced behavior.

It's amazing to witness the real change that takes place within a single Pattern-Changing Session, considering that some people spend years and thousands of dollars on traditional talk therapy and still do not uncover the root cause! The Pattern-Changing method works very well, very quickly, as you will see if you choose to book a session.

Can you imagine...?

Putting your own needs first.

Not being so concerned about what other people think, and not basing your decisions on how they might react?

Having no anxiety if someone has a negative opinion about you.

No longer morphing yourself into a version of you that you think they will like or accept.

Experiencing true self-love and respect.

It's time!

Time to stop putting other people's needs and opinions above your own needs and well-being.

Pattern Changing Session

In this personalized 90-minute session, we will identify the root cause of the people-pleasing pattern. What is in your subconscious mind will be illuminated and understood by your conscious mind. This is very liberating! From there, the pattern must change, as it is no longer an automatic program. It becomes a matter of conscious choice, so the power is restored to you.

Do you want to stop prioritizing others at your own expense?

If you answered YES to the questions above, then let's do this!

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The session goes for about 90 minutes... but the positive results last a lifetime!

Relief at last -guy

Liberate yourself from the need to please other people!


When you eliminate the need to please others, do things perfectly, or avoid mistakes, you are free to express and be your true self.


No longer held back by fear and feelings of inadequacy, it's time for you to expand to your fullest, share your gifts and shine brightly.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy a sense of spacious calm and quiet in your mind where there used to be unhelpful negative (false) thoughts and stories about yourself, and an undue focus on other people.

how to get rid of limiting beliefs

Transform Feelings


Calm, happy

Change Behaviors



After you clearly see and understand the pattern, its root cause and the role it has played in your life, then your thoughts, feelings and behaviors naturally change. You don't have to try so hard anymore.

You’ve had almost a whole lifetime of doing this and reinforcing the pattern. The key to change is not to “try harder” to reform yourself, but to see clearly the pattern’s origins. Bringing into conscious examination what has been hidden in your subconscious mind is the real game changer. 

Possibly? But it’s pretty challenging to do alone. With the help of a skilled mentor, it’s easy to sort out fact from fiction and put everything into perspective. Tony has amazing process tools that really work, so all you have to do is show up and be guided through the process!
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Schedule your Zoom session with Tony

The session goes for about 90 minutes... but the positive changes last a lifetime!

"My session with Tony was amazing. I found a strength in me that was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I've carried that strength with me ever since. His gentleness and authentic nature bring ease to the process so you feel very safe sharing these emotional details about your life. His abilities are special. Working with him is truly a gift!"
"Thanks for the mystical tune up! Since our session I've been enjoying a profound sense of peace and grounding. Thanks for your insights and masterful use of the process to find and alleviate misconceptions from my childhood that have been holding me back from living to the fullest of my potential."
Dave Rhine
Tech Executive
"After the people-pleasing session, I noticed that I'm no longer triple-checking everything at work! I just do it once and let it go. I'm not worried about it at all. I feel so chill now. It's really like night and day. Amazing!"
Jackie D.
Server and Bartender
"After working with Tony and dropping a number of limiting beliefs, my state of being has skyrocketed! Before, I kept going into doubt and pessimism about the future, but now I'm feeling really good, full of energy, springing into inspired action, and no longer procrastinating or worrying. I did some of this work on my own but got bogged down in it, so it was super important to have Tony's help as a practitioner."
Blossom Stokes
"It's interesting to keep observing myself and noticing that there is more room. I'm feeling more relaxed and less triggered into unnecessary action and people pleasing behavior now. Thank you for a fantastic session! Looking forward to another one."
"My session with Tony was both cathartic and enlightening. The insights from our conversation continued to unfold even days later."
Vickie V.
Musician /Writer

I will help you stop people-pleasing!

I’m Tony, a.k.a. ToneLove, and I help people become liberated from unwanted patterns by identifying and clearing out false negative ideas they have about themselves and about life.

I’ve received a lot of training over the years, and in particular there is a powerful method I use for People-Pleasing that really works. I used it to eliminate my own unwanted patterns from childhood that were causing problems in my adult life. People pleasing was a big part of it. And since I discovered and applied this process, I’ve never felt more clear, free, expansive and empowered. I’m excited to help you feel this way too.

It is truly a gift to be able to help people become more of their true selves. Clients leave the session feeling transformed! I am honored that you are taking the time to read this page, and if you choose to work with me, I promise you will get tremendous value from our time together. Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to working with you!

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Schedule your Zoom session with Tony

The session takes 90 minutes... but the results last a lifetime!

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