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Tony loves helping others experience liberation from their mind’s mental chatter, old stories, limiting beliefs and the persistent negative energy and emotions they create. Shift your consciousness in the company of like-minded people. Join us for a live in-person or remote/internet event and experience the joy of liberation!


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Transforming the Pain Body

Have you had a rough day or a rough week, a rough year, or even a rough life? Painful experiences are common on our planet, but suffering is optional when you have powerful tools at your disposal to transform emotional pain within your own consciousness.

The Pain Body is the accumulation of all your past painful experiences, and it’s part of the ego. It’s a portion of your consciousness or life force that’s been split off from your own energetic field, and it tends to occupy your mind. It gets triggered or activated by things that happen in your life, causing you to experience upset, irritation, anger and other lower harmonics.

In this workshop, we will be learning more about what the Pain Body is, how to recognize it, and most importantly how to transform and reclaim those energies. The energy that was trapped in the Pain Body returns to you and enhances your consciousness.

Tony will guide you through the process of transforming the Pain Body energy and reclaiming it. We’ll be working with real-life situations from your life in order to make this very down-to-earth and valuable.¬†

TAKEAWAY: You’ll gain a practical method to use, going forward in your life, to transform emotional pain.

Saturday, JULY 24, 2021

2:00 - 4:00pm

Grand Junction, CO

Cost of Admission: $20

Personal Mentoring Sessons

are available with Tony via Zoom online OR in-person

Personal Mentoring covers a wide variety of needs. For example:

  • Help breaking free of unwanted patterns in your life
  • Help understanding situations you find yourself in
  • Help with relationship struggles
  • Help with self-sabotage
  • Help in identifying and releasing blocks to achieving your goals
  • Help in processing metaphysical, spiritual or supernatural experiences that you’ve had
  • Help in breaking through old negative emotions and stories, and shifting to a more positive outlook
  • Help with becoming more self-empowered¬†
  • Help with your meditation practice

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